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The prime characteristic of our society is the change and it always happens in every sphere of the world as the time passes. The journey from past to future brought out many changes in the field of education also, and being a teacher he or she is committed to bring changes in the society through innovative ideas.

With this view Grace Valley Indian school faculty team is working hard to realize its vision and mission in par with the vision of ADEC and CBSE, the nation building agencies. We are always trying to make its learners developing core skills rather than making academic centered. It is believed that the learning experience we provided will help them to develop the core skills which enable them to look at the broader perspectives of life and face life with greater self confidence. It also promotes the humanness in children, i.e. help to capture the basic human values which are essential for a successful and peaceful life.

In the modern educational scenario, the parents have a significant role to play. The entire curricular and co-curricular scheme is addressed to providing a holistic education to our children. So we are strongly recommending our parents to spend some quality time with their children in imparting the aforementioned skills to them and to remain in touch with the teachers to brief them about the behavioral outcomes of the learners in the process of the acquisition of their skills. We believe that our effort in bringing innovation in educating its children will be acknowledged in every respect by all stakeholders

We the GVIS team is looking for a collective effort to bring appreciable changes to reach our goal with success.

Mr. Muhammed  Kutty. T.K
Vice Principal