The Grace Valley Indian School is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for both the students and staff which:

  • Minimizes risk of harm and ensures all members of the school community feel safe and secure.
  • Supports the physical, social, academic, spiritual and emotional development of students.
  • Provides student welfare policies and pastoral care programs that develop a sense of self-worth and foster personal development.
  • Regular Mock assessment ,Safety and security trainings are Practiced by all the members of our school in order to face the real life risk-situation.

We Ensures that:

  • There are adequate levels of student supervision during normal school hours.
  • Child to staff ratio of 10:1 is maintained
  • Grounds and buildings are well maintained to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries to anyone who enters the school grounds
  • Appropriate emergency evacuation procedures are in place and potential threats to students within the school have been identified.

The school has in place a number of measures to minimize risks and protect persons and property onsite

1.Passive Safety and Security Measures:

There are a number of passive security measures in place that improve the safety and security of students, staff and visitors while onsite:

  • The school boundary is completely monitored by the CCTV and security Department. There are three entrances to the school Premises .Each entrance has access roads and suitable gating which may be locked after normal school hours.
  • Additional after hours security measures include a back to base alarm system, mobile patrols and extensive security lighting.
  • Grounds and building on campus are monitored and maintained daily by the property department to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries to anyone who enters the school grounds.

2. Site Security procedures during the normal school day:

Approved persons:

  • Only approved persons are to enter the school grounds during normal school hours. To assist in identifying a person as approved. All visitors to the school must report to either Senior School or Junior School administration reception areas where they will be issued with an official visitor’s tag. They will be required to sign in on arrival and sign out when leaving.
  • Students and staffs are required to wear approved school uniform, issued name tag while in the school premises.