Grace Valley Arts Fest 2017

Grace Valley Arts Fest 2017

GVIS takes pride in providing vibrant platforms to our students for showcasing and nurturing their artistic talents, creative & innovative skills. We are pleased to announce the opening of ARTSFEST-2017 on Nov 23. Various inter house competitions will be conducted on different dates for students from KG to class XII in 6 categories during the school hours. Those who wish to participate in the items should fill the participation form and return the same to their class teacher on or before 21 Nov 2017.

General Instructions

• A student can participate maximum of 6 individual items.

• Fancy Dress Competition is open for all students of Grade 1 to 4.

• Participants for group items will be selected by house captains.

• Screening will be conducted before the final competition.

• Students must be prepared and trained themselves at home.

• No entries will be accepted after 21 Nov 2017.


CodeItemDescription GradeDate
211ColoringColor the given picture to reveal a beautiful mandala!
Design will be provided on the spot. Contestants should bring all the needed coloring tools. (Crayons, Pencil Colors or Sketch Pens)
Topic: Mandala Designs
1 & 2
212Clay ModelingCreate a model with Modelling clay or Play-Doh based on the given theme.
Topic : My Fruits Basket
1 & 2
213Hand WritingCopy the given English text with the most legible and neat handwriting
with minimum errors and within the time span.
1 & 2
214Remember Me!Observe the random images displayed on the screen. Then remember and write the names in the correct order.1 & 2
215Puzzle ReadingSolve the given Picture Puzzle and paste it on the sheet. Read and write the sentence formed behind.1 & 2
311Drawing & ColoringDraw and color a picture based on the given topic.
Paper will be provided on the spot. Contestants should bring all the needed drawing and coloring tools. (Pencil, Pen, Eraser, Crayons, Pencil Colors, Sketch Pens or Water Colors)
Topic : Butterflies in my garden
3 & 4
312Origami (Paper Art)Origami is the art of folding paper into recognizable forms. Contestants should bring all the needed color papers.
Topic : My favorite birds.
3 & 4
313Write a CaptionWrite a creative caption for the displayed picture in neat handwriting with minimum errors and within the time span.3 & 4
314Spell BeeSpell words in a round-robin format, where each participant gets a turn to spell a word that is suitable for his or her level.3 & 4
315Word PuzzleSolve the Crossword puzzle with English words.3 & 4
411Pencil DrawingDraw and shade the picture of the displayed object with pencil.5, 6 & 7
412Card MakingDesign a UAE National Day Greeting Card.
Contestants should bring all the necessary materials.
5, 6 & 7
413Listen & WriteListen the Audio and answer the questions.5, 6 & 7
414Word PlayWord Play / Word War is quick-paced spelling game.5, 6 & 7
415Math WizardSolve the mathematical riddles within the time span. 5, 6 & 7
511CartooningMake a cartoon based on the topic given.8, 9 & 10
512Calligraphy (Arabic)Create an Arabic Calligraphy on the topic "Year of Zayed" 8, 9 & 10
513Poem WritingWrite a short poem about the given topic.8, 9 & 10
514Advertise Me!Make a printed advertisement material for the given subject.8, 9 & 10
515Online QuizAnswer the online UAE Quiz.8, 9 & 10
611PaintingPaint the given theme in Water Color11 & 12
612Limericks Write a limerick based on the given topic.11 & 12
613Doodle DesigningDesign a doodle for the Google based on the given theme.11 & 12
614Ad Film MakingMake a short advertisement video based on the given social awareness issues.
Advt Maximum Duration : 30 Sec
11 & 12